One of Ireland’s most popular sports, Gaelic Football

has been played in various forms for centuries.


How is it played?

The modern game plays like a mix of soccer and rugby. The objective of the game is for players score by kicking or “hand-passing” a round ball—slightly smaller than its soccer counterpart—between the opponents’ goalposts either over the crossbar for one point or under the crossbar into a net guarded by a goalkeeper for a goal, which is equivalent to three points.

Who can play?

Everyone! We welcome all fitness and skill levels. The only real requirement is your time and a dedication to the game, your team, and to your personal improvement. Beginners are always welcome to attend a practice session and experience the game.

What’s the time commitment?

Our club, Columbia Red Branch, has both a competitive and a recreational “pub” league. The competitive team requires a commitment of weekly training and occasional travel during the season (March – September) as well as participation in volunteer events. The pub league has semi-weekly informal games on weekends.

How do I sign up?

Send us an email to get the practice schedule and come to try it out for yourself!